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Virtualization Query Language (VQL)

The Reflex Virtualization Query Language is a language created by Reflex in order to solve some of the most difficult problems in managing a highly dynamic IT infrastructure. VQL is a domain-specific language that correlates different types of information together into a single query specification using a combined natural and structured grammar. The VQL language provides the followign benefits:

  • Ability to easily extract data from virtual environment
  • Handles large scale environments
  • Easy search
  • Visual filtering
  • Provides declarative business logic
  • Makes it easier to extract contextual information
  • Integrate seamlessly with scripting languages
  • Acts as rule language for vTrust firewall rules
  • Acts as binding policy for vProfile configuration profiles
  • Single point of integration with 3rd party systems

A virtualization infrastructure is so complex that using programamtic API methods to manage it can be quite cumbersome. Instead of using hundreds or thousands of atomic API methods, objects, and properties, the VQL language can use a single method that takes as input a query and outputs strongly typed objects. This simplified approach of extracting and remediation is less error prone and offers improved data management capabilities of a virtual infrastructure.

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